The Best Choice in Custom Chef Knives

Chef Knives

Every craftsman has their tools of the trade. Handymen carry around tool boxes, artists carry around their choice pencils and brushes, and chefs are very, and understandably, picky about what utensils they use in their kitchens. It’s not about vapid style or showmanship, it’s about using the best possible product for your workshop: the kitchen. It’s also about making sure you can take pride in the work you do and the food products you serve to your customers.

One thing you may not have considered as a chef is a custom set of utensils or tools, specifically customized chef knives. You have trained for years. You worked the grunt jobs in kitchens and learned your trade and skills with years of hard work, you want to take a little pride in yourself, in your work, and the restaurant you’ve built. Customizing your knife set can be one of the small, yet very uplifting things, you can do to take yourself to the next level.

Customized kitchen utensils or tools also make for great gifts for customer appreciation or at culinary trade shows.

Chef’s Knife

Your go-to knife for all kitchen tasks can become even more special. Our stainless steel knife includes the option of a 0.5’’ engraving on the wooden handle of your name, your logo, your restaurant name, or whatever personal image you want.

Serrated Knife

Ideal for cutting through bread or other dense and hard items requiring a bit of help, you can get a number of these engraved with your personal signature. Our 12’’ serrated knife comes in two color options and offers dozens of color options for your engraving on the handle for a truly personal touch.

Deli Knife

Ideal for slicing meats and cheeses for sandwiches and charcuterie boards, our 7’’ deli knife is versatile and very customizable. You’ve got two color options for the knife itself and then have dozens of options for the color of your engraving.

Bamboo Cutlery Knife

This is a new and highly eco-friendly product, a 100% bamboo piece of cutlery. You can take this already unique piece to the next level with an engraving on the handle. This is a great offer to your customers or even to offer at tradeshows.

Flat Cake Knife

If you work with pastry at all in your restaurant, getting a customized flat cake knife can be a great option. Our 9’’ flat cake knife comes in 2 colors and many more engraving color options to completely personalize the work your pastry department does.

LoTech was founded in 1987 as the premiere reusable plastic pie, cake, and pizza server company in Colorado. We work with most logo desires and design needs to get you a perfectly customized set of tools for your kitchen, both at home and in your professional restaurant. Explore our options and find what is perfect for your kitchen to bring flare and personal touch to the products you serve to your customers.

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