Testimonials LoTech Sales

“I wanted something unique to give to my customers, other than the usual pens or coffee cups. LoTech Sales cheerfully worked with my specific requirements and not only met, but far exceeded, my expectations. Customers are pleasantly surprised with such a special gift.”
Black Forest Piano – Colorado

“I always ask my customers if they would like serving utensils for their drop-off and catering orders. 80% of them say Yes!! Then I charge them for it. I don’t make a lot of profit, but it certainly covers my cost and I get the advertising benefit.”
Tampa, FL Customer

“I pass out my imprinted 4 ½ tongs to “Pick up New Business” at Tradeshows. I’ve noticed I get much better response from these, than just my business card.”
Newark, NJ Customer

“By giving away my imprinted utensils, customers feel like they are getting a little extra.”
Kansas City, KS Customer

“My landscape business passed out NDB Forks with a small tag reading: “Just Digging Up New Business” to every home in a new development. Business Boomed!”
Aurora, CO Customer

“Start calling me for an order every month because my business has gone through the roof!”
Casa Di Pizza in Buffalo, NY