Can I Get Personalized Kitchen Utensils?

Can I Get Personalized Kitchen Utensils?

Customers are used to getting personalized items. Maybe those are pens or stress balls or you simply hand out business cards. Trade shows are stocked full of branded items to be handed out and potentially never used to again, thrown out, or offered up to pets as chew toys. What if there was something unique you could offer your customers and potentially interested parties in your company? Something no one else is handing out? Personalized kitchen utensils may not be the first thing that comes to mind but you can guarantee it makes a statement with your audience.

Why Personalize

Say you’re a local, somewhat small restaurant with some local recognition but you’re after more. Or, maybe you’re a brand new restaurant looking to break into your local restaurant scene as if you’d always been there. You want something that exudes trust, exudes brand power, and will make sure your customers and guests remember you. Leave your customers with more than just a magnet with a logo and a phone number. Give them utensils with your logo beautifully engraved on it to remind your customers, with every bite, who brought them the delicious meal.

How to Get Started

To personalize your utensil order, pick your desired logo or piece of text that best reflects the identity of your company. You can upload it to the site as a PDF, AI, EPS, JPEG, PNG, or TIF though the first three file types are our preferred method to get you the best possible product. These files can also be submitted via email if you’re having trouble with the uploading system on our website. The engraving will be a small logo, laser engraved with precision on your utensils. This process doesn’t take long and your shipment will head your way from Little, CO so track the shipping appropriately.

Our Story

LoTech Sales goes back to 1987 when we started by bringing a patented reusable plastic pie, cake, and pizza server to homes across America. This flagship product was just the beginning of our story. Restaurants and food service companies, even professional chefs in their own home, deserve a sense of pride and accomplishment. A sense of identity and a sense of constant trust in the identity of what they do. The answer? The untouched canvas of utensils, cutting boards. LoTech believes in the quality of our product and we want you to have the possible way of imprinting the heart and soul of your business on everything you do.


Need more reason to believe? We have a lot of happy customers who have extended their brand at tradeshows and in their local service areas thanks to customized utensils:

“Start calling me for an order every month because my business has gone through the roof!” —

Casa Di Pizza in Buffalo, NY

“I pass out my imprinted 4 ½ tongs to “Pick up New Business” at Tradeshows. I’ve noticed I get much better responses from these, than just my business card.” — Newark, NJ Customer

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