These are the most common questions that we are asked on a regular basis. If your question is not covered, give us a call and we would be happy to assist!

How do I start to order custom imprinted utensils?
We want to make the process as easy as possible for you. If you would like, give us a call at 800-285-0199 and one of our friendly sales staff will walk you through step-by-step.
What is the dimension of the imprint area?
The imprint area is 1/2″ x 1 7/8″
What process do you use for imprinting?
We use a Hot Stamp process. This involves an etched copper die, foil and heat. Utensils are placed in a press one at a time by hand to imprint your logo.
Do I need a die for each utensil?
No, having a standard die size will work for any of our utensils.
How much is the art set up fee?
There is a one-time art set-up fee of $48. This covers the cost of a copper die that we can keep on file for your future orders. There will never be another set-up fee unless you change the information on your die and then, that would require us to purchase another copper die.
Can I have the copper die?
Of course, you own the copper die! However, copper is a very soft metal and if it is damaged while shipping, a new die will have to be purchased. Also, keep in mind; we must have the die at our facility each time you want to reorder. So, please plan for the extra days to send us back your die. Most customers just leave their dies on file with us!
What if I don’t have a logo designed? Or, I am not sure what I want imprinted on my utensils?
No problem! We will create a few different designs that will look great when imprinted. You will have the opportunity to review and change if necessary. We want to make this easy for you and create products that you will be proud to give to your customers!
If I have a logo, how do I send it to you?
The easiest way is to email it directly to our art department. The email address is artwork@lotechsales.com they will be in contact with you to send a proof.
What type of files do you accept?
We can accept psd, ai, eps, tif, jpeg, or pdf files.
What if I do not have my logo in an electronic file?
That is fine, just give us a call and we can help you with other options.
How long does it take to get a proof?
We will send a proof within 24 hours. However, most of the time we will have a proof ready the same business day.
I have a graphic artist. Can you work directly with them?
Of course, just give us their contact information and we can work directly with them.
What if I want to change the imprint information?
Unfortunately, we cannot change the information once the copper die is produced. A new die will have to be purchased.
Can I imprint on both sides of products?
Yes! We do have a few products that are able to be double printed. They are all of the tongs, deli knife, cake knife, pizza cutter & 12″ serrated knife.
How much does the extra imprint cost?
The extra cost is only 10 cents per piece.
What colors of plastic utensils do you offer?
We offer all of our utensils in both black and white plastic. If you have a special order of larger quantities and want a special color of utensils, please give us a call. Anything is possible!
What imprint colors do you offer?
For Black Utensils, we offer Gold, Matte Silver, Chrome Silver, Copper, Metallic Blue, Metallic Fuchsia, Metallic Green, Metallic Pink, Metallic Purple, Metallic Red, Metallic Teal & Metallic Burgundy. For White Utensils, we offer all of the colors available for Black Utensils and in addition we offer, Black, Dark Blue, Royal Blue, Pink, Burgundy, Brown, Red, Dark Green and Light Green.
Can I see the imprint colors on the website?
Because computer monitors vary greatly, we do not show the colors on our website. However, we will be happy to send you samples so you can actually see what the colors will look like on the utensils.
Can you match my PMS color for imprinting?
There are only a limited number of colors that are available for Hot Stamping on plastic. However, in most all cases, we can come extremely close to your colors or find a color that is acceptable to you.
Can I imprint with more than one color?
With our process, we only offer 1 color imprints. However, we do not charge any extra to change colors within your order.
How do I care for the imprinted utensils?
Our utensils are designed as serving utensils and meant to be left behind or given away to your customers as a useful marketing tool. The foil adheres quite well, but may not withstand high temperatures or high chemical commercial dishwashers. The melting point is approximately 325 degrees.
Is it possible to get samples of the utensils?
Yes, we will be happy to send you free samples of some of our current customer’s utensils. If you would like to see samples with your logo, then it will be necessary to purchase the copper die and call us about the minimum need to order.
What is the minimum quantity to order?
For imprinted items, we ask that you order 100 or more of each item. For non-imprinted utensils, we ask that you order at least 10 pieces. Please call with any further questions about quantities.
Can I have the shipping billed to my UPS or FEDEX account?
We only offer shipping through UPS at this time.  You may contact us to discuss other shipping arrangements.
Can I have my order shipped to a P.O. Box?
UPS and FED EX will not deliver to a PO Box. However, if this is the only option for you, please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss some other options.
How long does it take to produce and receive my order?

Once you have approved your artwork, a copper die plate is produced and your custom order will be ready to ship in 7 business days.

Reordering Your Custom Imprinted Utensils – All reorders will be ready to ship in 5 business days or less.

Non-Imprinted Utensils – All Utensils that are not custom imprinted will be shipped in 3 business days or less. Often if you call us by 12:pm MST, we will be able to ship the same day. Just let us know.

Time in Transit – When shipping by UPS ground, your products are guaranteed to arrive in 5 business days or less.

Do you have any specials?
Yes, often times we will run specials and introductory offers on new products. Please give us a call to ask one of our friendly sales reps about our current promotions.
I have an idea! can you manufacture it?
Yes! Most of our best ideas come from our wonderful customers. If you have a need for a special item, please give us a call so we can discuss the possibilities. We have injection molding and thermoforming capabilities.
Will you email me when my order is shipped?
Certainly! Just give us your email or we will also be able to call you personally and let you know when to expect the shipment. Just let us know which option you perfer.
If I have a concern, special request or problem with my order, what should I do?
We certainly want you to be 100% satisfied with your LoTech products and service. If you ever have any concerns, please call us immediately on our toll free line 1-800-285-0199.