Can I Personalize My Acacia Cutting Board?

Can I Personalize My Acacia Cutting Board?

You personalize your kitchen, your home, and your restaurant. You decorate and put your stamp on virtually everything in your home or place of business. Did you know you can also personalize your Acacia Cutting Board to reflect the unique heart and identity of your company or restaurant? It may not be something you first think of when it comes to personalization or maybe you’ve seen the plethora of designed cutting boards out there for purchase on the internet. The best thing about this, is you can personalize it completely to your wants and have something unique in your kitchen.

Why Choose Wood

Wood makes for a beautiful canvas and cutting boards, with their swath of flat and smooth space, offer an amazing space to be creative and be artful with a kitchen implement you may not normally think of as a place of decoration. But you can get even more personal and more creative with a cutting board than you can with the surface of your fridge. And it’s incredibly easy to do. While your customers may not necessarily see your customized work in the kitchen, your employees will get a sense of pride and trust in seeing their company’s logo stamped across the tools they use every day to serve your customers.

How to Personalize Your Cutting Board

To personalize your Acacia Cutting Board, find yourself a desired logo or piece of text. You can upload it to the site as a PDF, AI, or EPS. You can also choose to upload it as a JPEG, PNG, or TIF file which are acceptable for the process but not our preferred method of artwork delivery for a few reasons. These files can also be submitted via email if you’re having trouble with the uploading system on our website. The engraving will be a 2 inch logo, laser engraved with precision on your cutting board. This takes about one week to fulfill and your product will ship to you out of Littleton, CO., so keep that in mind as you’re tracking the shipping.

LoTech Sales goes back to 1987 when we started by bringing a patented reusable plastic pie, cake, and pizza server to homes across America. This flagship product was just the beginning of our story. Restaurants and food service companies, even professional chefs in their own home, deserve a sense of pride and accomplishment. A sense of identity and a sense of constant trust in the identity of what they do. The answer? The untouched canvas of utensils, cutting boards. LoTech believes in the quality of our product and we want you to have the possible way of imprinting the heart and soul of your business on everything you do.

So, pick your cutting board, pick out your best logo file, send it our way, and within a week we’ll have back to you a beautiful and customized cutting board to bring a sense of wow and pride to your kitchen. We love what we do, we know you love what you do, let’s work together to spread that joy.

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