5 Uses for Bamboo Coasters

The origin of the word “Bamboo” comes from the Malay word “Mambu”. This language is derived from the languages of Malaysia and Indonesia. In the late 16th century, the Dutch had colonized these countries and named the plant “Bamboes”. Eventually, the name became bamboo.


Bamboo plants are used for many different purposes. The seeds can be eaten as grain, while the shoots can be boiled and eaten as well. Silica that is produced in the joints of bamboo has been used as a medicine under the name of tabasheer.

Many species also make paper, while the largest use of bamboo is for construction. This includes construction for homes, but also to make items such as buckets and pipes, or even to make furniture, flooring, walking sticks, and other utensils, such as coasters.

What is Bamboo?

Bamboo is technically a grass that occurs natively on 5 continents, Africa, Asia, South America, North America, and Australia. Large bamboo species are often confused with trees and even called bamboo trees. Despite this, they are technically a grass.

Why Would I Want Custom Coasters?

Although bamboo coasters might be appealing to you, you may be wondering what Custom Bamboo Coasters would be good for. Custom coasters offer a variety of purposes and opportunities.


Purchase bamboo custom coasters for your family and friends. These can be great gifts with a custom slogan, family name, or even initials. You can also choose to purchase custom coasters as gifts of appreciation during the holidays, This might be for teachers or other people in your life such as hair stylists.

Business Marketing

Whether you are looking into brand marketing, custom coasters are a different option. Many people choose to use key chains or pens as a way to market themselves. These can get old, and many people will simply throw them out. Coasters are a much better option as they are something your clients can actually use!

Unique Household Items

By making custom bamboo coasters, you will be able to have unique items in your home. Whether you want to have a slogan on your coasters, or design something more personal, you can do whatever you wish.

Money Generator

If you are simply wanting to sell items with your business logo on them, custom bamboo coasters are a great choice. These are stylish coasters that will look great in every home. Add a unique logo or interesting design for easy marketing.

Protect Your Household Items

Coasters are an important part of any household. If you simply need some new coasters for your home, why not choose custom bamboo coasters?

Other Useful Ways To Use Coasters

  • Place a magnet on the bottom of your coaster and use it on the refrigerator as a custom magnet.
  • Use bamboo coasters to hold earrings or pins.
  • Add to holiday seasonal cards, promo cards, or postcards.

More Information On Imprinting

If you are interested in coasters or would like a bit more information on our imprinting process, we can provide you with that information here.

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