Can I Purchase Custom Bamboo Coasters?


There are many customization options at LoTech Sales. Customized products for small businesses are a great way to market your company to clients and promote customer satisfaction. Custom bamboo coasters feature sustainable material that is completely customizable for your business needs. Find out more about why you should choose bamboo coasters for your company.

Why choose bamboo coasters?

Bamboo is considered a renewable resource. Not only is it easy and quick to grow, but requires little irrigation to do so. It also produces more oxygen than other trees and features a plethora of species that are carbon neutral. Using hardy bamboo fibers instead of plastic ones helps lower carbon emissions and ensures your choice of materials is environmentally friendly.

Bamboo is an extremely versatile material used in many ways. When using bamboo materials for your business needs, you can feel confident in choosing an eco-friendly design. Plus, all bamboo coasters are food grade and comply with FDA standards.

Other benefits of custom bamboo coasters

The customized business products trend continues to rise. By investing in a customized product for your customers, you help meet their needs while marketing your company in a memorable way. Purchasing custom bamboo coasters for your business will offer a high-value experience to customers because of their eco-friendly and sustainable design. Any customization efforts by your business can help to satisfy customer’s needs, aligning your goals with your customers’ goals. Providing a customized and thoughtful experience, and catering to customers in this way, helps set your business apart from the competition.

Logo design options

Bamboo coasters can be customized in many ways. Due to the size of the coasters, your laser-etched custom design will appear in a 2×2-inch area. Common designs range from logos to pertinent company information. You can submit your design to the online order portal via an attachment with a DPI of 300 or higher and a maximum size of 9 MB – this includes EPS, AI, or PDF files (preferred). Though not preferred, JPG, PNG, and TIF files are also accepted. Only one custom file is required for upload per order and your account will only be charged one time per artwork. If you have already submitted artwork for a different custom order, resubmission is not required.

Are discounts available?

When ordering your custom bamboo coasters, keep in mind that discounts are available for loyal customers ordering in bulk. Bulk discounts are available for Valued, Extra Valued, Preferred, Elite, and Premier Customer orders. This includes 5% off for 1,000 coasters, 7% off for 3,000 coasters, 10% off for 5,000 coasters, 12% off for 8,000 coasters, and 15% for 10,000 coasters.

More about LoTech Sales

We’ve come a long way from our original customized kitchenware. LoTech Sales now offers a myriad of customizable business products including bamboo coasters and other utensils. All our products are designed with your business in mind. We strive to create durable quality products that set your business apart from the competition. Let us help you grow your business through customized products that last.

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