Who Invented Tongs?

Steel Tongs

Tongs are one household essential we can’t live without—who invented them?

In the kitchen, there are a million different reasons to reach for a good pair of tongs. Flipping chicken nuggets, serving ribs, and flipping bacon all require the use of a reliable pair of tongs. In fact, these kitchen utensils are such a common household staple that most of us can’t imagine life without them. How common are tongs—and who created this household essential?

An Unexpected History of Tongs

Some items have been around for so long that it is hard to think of a point in time where they didn’t exist. However, tongs, like everything else, have a history. Let’s find out where they came from and how they have changed.

How Long Have Tongs Been Around?

The use of tongs is estimated to go back as far as 1450 BCE. Though the tongs of the past were not quite what they are today, they were still a really valuable tool—even all those years ago.

Were Tongs Invented by a Specific Person?

It seems very likely that tongs were invented by one person or even a few people, but the truth is that we just don’t know. Tongs have been around throughout most of humanity’s history, and we weren’t known for writing down too many names back then. Unfortunately, the original creator of tongs was not recorded.

Who is Believed to Have Invented Tongs?

Though we might not know who actually invented tongs themselves, historians trace the invention of tongs back to the Egyptians. It is believed that they commonly used tongs made from different materials. Surprisingly, ancient art from this region actually shows what is believed to be tongs in images.

How Well Do We Know the History of Tongs?

The history of tongs is fairly vague, but we do know that they are a staple. Even in times that looked nothing like today—across countries and centuries—tongs have always been useful and necessary. Given their contribution to humanity, they are well-remembered.

How Have Tongs Changed Throughout the Years?

The original tongs of the past were not like the ones that we have today, but they did serve a similar purpose. Obviously, engineering for kitchen utensils was not a core focus during these times as far as we know. They did not have the technology that we have today and relied on simple materials like wood and cheap metals. Today, you can get tongs in a variety of materials with comfortable grips.

The Takeaway

To take full advantage of the usefulness tongs bring, consider investing in custom tongs. Tongs have been a historically relevant tool throughout the ages, but everyone needs a pair—so why not invest in a pair that is specific to you as a person? With custom tongs, you can make your kitchen feel special and ensure that no one uses your tongs in community spaces too!

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