Who introduced the concept of customization?

Who introduced the concept of customization?

Tongs are a staple in most households, but Custom Tongs are a great way to spruce up your kitchen and make it your own. But who introduced the concept of customization? Actually, the concept of mass customization was found by Stan Davis. It was defined as producing goods and services to meet a customer’s needs, with the same efficiency as mass production.

What is Customization?

Mass Customization is an idea of bringing a product to customers in the same way as a standard product, but with a unique option added to it. Through the 21st century, it has become standard and more common, but for years it was not.

History of Customization

For many years humans have changed things in order to fit our needs. In many cases, customization was done out of need, while now it is done for things we want. For example, sharp points were made for individuals to hunt the game they wanted, or to mash vegetables that they wanted to enjoy instead. Other customizations we may not understand, but they could have been for rituals or even status symbols. This can be compared to customizing an iPhone or even buying the newest iPhone with a specific color or case. 

In some cases, customizations are done in order to make a product work better, or better for you. This has been seen throughout history. Despite this, customizations not only can be made for bettering a tool but can also include a name or a way to recognize what is yours.  This is often done by adding a name to something, or a logo.  

As the world moved on and products became mass-produced, there were different things that made people advance in social status. Typically it was due to owing products, but if you had something customized it was considered an even higher status symbol. 

When it comes to the potential size of the market, it becomes a primary factor about whether or not a product would be mass-produced. Now, this is not even in question. Almost everything can be made in a customized fashion, and in high quality as well. 

This is the same case when it comes to kitchen utensils. These utensils can be customized for whatever you need. Whether you want pizza cutters and boards that have your business name on them, or you want to give out spatulas to your clientele, these are great ways to utilize customization in the current state of how the world works. 


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