What is the Difference Between a Thermos and a Tumbler?


Stuck debating which kind of beverage container is right for you? Let us help!

The average person drinks some kind of beverage–or multiple kinds–throughout the day. We often carry our drinks with us, which means we need to find the perfect container to hold our beverages. However, the truth is that there are a large number of beverage containers available. Finding the right container for you means understanding what they all have to offer. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two most popular container types available–the thermos and the tumbler.

Finding the Differences Between a Thermos and a Tumbler

You want a beverage container that can meet your needs no matter where you go or what you drink. Still, some containers are best used in specific circumstances. The thermos and the tumbler both have benefits to offer, whether you are drinking ice water or your favorite soda. Find out the details behind these drink holders.

What is a Thermos?

A thermos is a type of drink container that is designed to provide complete control over your drink. They can often be designed to hold hot or cold drinks–and some can even support both. These containers provide a high level of support against spilling since they generally screw or lock into place, keeping your drink safely inside.

What is a Tumbler?

A tumbler is a more casual container that can be great for holding drinks. These containers are really just durable cups with a type of lid. Some tumblers have closed lids, while others include a straw with them. In most cases, tumblers are only designed to hold cold or room-temperature beverages.

How Are They Similar?

Both of these containers play a part in keeping us all hydrated. They hold beverages inside and keep them covered so nothing can get inside. Most of them are easy to use and allow us to enjoy our beverages at home and on the go.

How Are They Different?

The primary differences between these products are in their design and use cases. Most consider the thermos to be a more secure and versatile drink holder since they generally hold hot and cold drinks. On the other hand, a tumbler is more casual and easy to use. It provides an effective way to hold and enjoy your drink, especially at your work desk!

The Takeaway

The average person can benefit from the use of either a thermos or a tumbler. In fact, most people tend to use both. You can enjoy a piping hot or freezing cold beverage from a thermos and rely on tumblers for more casual drinking needs. To give your tumbler experience a nice boost, consider investing in custom tumblers. These are great for daily use and come in designs that meet your preferences–so you can hydrate in style!

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