What is the Difference Between a Cup and Tumbler?

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There are plenty of items you can drink out of, and they all offer their own features. Learn these differences.

When it comes to drinks, we all have our own preferences. Some people love flavored sparkling water, while others prefer something sweet, like soda. Adults may also enjoy wine, coffee, or the occasional cocktail. Of course, there is more to the drink experience than the drink itself. What you drink out of can play a significant role too. Cups and tumblers are two popular drink containers that people love. Let’s discuss what sets them apart from one another.

Cups, Tumblers, and Everything You Need to Know

Finding the right drink container is a matter of experimentation and personal preference, but it helps to know how different containers work. Cups and tumblers can both hold most drinks, but that doesn’t mean they are the same. Let’s look at these containers and what they offer for the drink experience.

What is a Cup?

A cup is a drink container that has an open top and is commonly used to hold cold or room-temperature drinks. These containers are often made of plastic and other fairly cheap materials, making them generally inexpensive. The sizes of cups can vary depending on your needs. Some are small, and some can be quite large.

What is a Tumbler?

A tumbler is a metal drink container with a lid that is generally used to maintain a specific drink temperature. Tumblers are often on the larger side and can be used to hold both cold and hot drinks, depending on which tumbler you invest in. Like with cups, the sizes of these containers can vary, though generally less significantly.

What Makes Them Alike?

Both of these containers are used to hold and enjoy drinks. They are able to be used all year long and can provide a satisfactory experience when it comes to drinking many different beverages.

What Makes Them Different?

The primary differences between these containers are the size, materials, and use cases. Cups offer more size options than tumblers in most cases. Additionally, cups are often made with plastic and other cheap materials, whereas tumblers are usually made with metal. Although both can be used for drinks, cups are most commonly used around the home, while tumblers are a good option for use on the go since they have lids that keep the fluids inside.

The Takeaway

The container you drink out of can influence how you feel about what you are drinking, even if it sounds silly. For daily use, a standard cup might be fine, but a tumbler can be a more versatile option. To get even more out of your tumbler, consider trying custom tumblers that fit your style and match your needs. To learn more about how to get your dream tumbler for daily use, contact us today!

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