What is needed to customize tumblers?


Tumblers are a cool item you can give as a gift or use at home. However, customizing them can be even more fun. There are a few ways to do this, you can either do it yourself or purchase them. However, we will teach you how to do both.

Vinyl Decals

Decorating using a decal is one way to make your tumbler customized. They can be made in any shape, and you can purchase them. More often than not, you will purchase decals rather than make your own. However, this can be a fun activity if you want to make it.

To make a decal, you will need to draw your design and then cut it properly. Next, you can use transfer tape and apply it to the tumbler. Ensure there are no bubbles and use a ruler to make it straight.


Painting a tumbler needs to be done properly. Honestly, this is more time-consuming but probably a bit less stressful than using vinyl decals. Painting your tumbler can be done with spray paint or with another type of non-water soluble paint. If you decide to spray it, then you use painters tape on the top and bottom parts of the mug. Consider using a clear finishing spray to finish off the project. You want to be careful with the type of paint you use because if you use one that is toxic, it can cause problems.

Epoxy Resin or Mod Podge

This is a difficult option. However, if you want to add glitter or place personalized items on the tumbler, you can use either mod podge or epoxy resin. These can also add texture because Mod podge has a texture. However, epoxy is smooth.

Purchase a Customized Tumbler

If you want to take the easy way out, buy one of the custom tumblers from Lo Tech Sales. This is the best option. You can decide on the color you want and have initials or a logo. Customized Tumblers are wonderful for many reasons.

Buying a customized tumbler is a professional gift. It is excellent for holidays or as a client gift. You can also put your logo or name on the tumbler, which can help your clients remember who you are. Looking to purchase a custom tumbler? Contact us today.

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