What is a Serving Spoon Used for?

Heavy Duty  Spoon

A serving spoon is one of those household essentials that adults tend to acquire when they buy their first real utensils for their home. The average college student might not have serving spoons or tongs unless an older relative gifted them some, but there is a point where everyone realizes that some things are just necessary–and a serving spoon is one of them. 

How to Use a Serving Spoon

A serving spoon is a large spoon, primarily without slots, that is used for a variety of serving and food preparation needs. These spoons can be made in a variety of different materials and offer a surprising amount of help around the kitchen and during mealtimes. They are commonly paired with tongs, which are another primary serving utensil that can come in handy. Let’s explore a few common uses for these kitchen essentials.

Serving Meals

One of the most common uses for a serving spoon is implied in the name itself. They are wonderful for helping you to take your kitchen masterpiece and put it into proper servings on a plate for yourself, your family, or your guests. Serving spoons make this easy because they have a larger surface area, making them ideal for scooping larger portions of everything from casseroles to mashed potatoes. They can help you to provide those perfect portions on a plate for every single meal.

Serving and Mixing Salads

Beyond simply serving standard meals, serving spoons and tongs can be used to serve and mix up salads as well. Many people use these implements to make sure that dressing and toppings are generously mixed together before serving the dish. While many people do this for traditional salads, they can also work well for taco salads, salad bowls, and even pasta salad.

Potlucks and Self-Serve Meals

A potluck or gathering that doesn’t have serving spoons is going to be sorely missing out. Serving spoons are perfect for allowing people to safely serve themselves food from larger dishes without any risk of cross-contamination or the germs that can come from people using their own utensils. This is a must-have for any group gathering where food will be served. It is standard to use serving spoons for small snacks like trail mix, but they are also highly beneficial for larger items like vegetable side dishes and countless other meal items.

The Takeaway

Whether you are purchasing a serving spoon or custom tongs for the first time, you will want to be certain to find items that really work for you. These household essentials can be a beloved part of your house for a variety of reasons, and the best ones can last for years to come. Everything from scooping up your best meals to making sure that potluck dishes stay safe and germ-free during a gathering can be a valid use for these helpful spoons. How you use them is up to you, but remember to go with a brand that you love.

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