What If I Lose My Lo Tech Password?


If you have an existing LoTech account, then you already know how easy it is to navigate your past orders and stay up-to-date on your account info. But what if you lose your password? Resetting your password with us can be completed in a few easy steps. Simply follow the instructions below and review some key password setting tips to easily access your account in future.

Resetting Your LoTech Account Password

In order to reset your account password, you’ll need to navigate to the My Account – Password Reset page. To do so, locate the My Account tab at the top of the LoTech homepage. From here, you’ll be able to access the login/register screen. If you’ve never registered with us, now is a good time to do so. To access the Password Reset page, however, click on ‘Lost your password?’ below the blue LOGIN button.

Once you have accessed the password reset screen, you’ll be prompted to enter in the email or username you used to register your account. A LoTech password reset email will be sent directly to your email inbox. This can take up to ten minutes to arrive to you. Be sure to check your spam folder before attempting another reset, as well.

You will receive an email with these instructions:

  • Someone has requested a new password for the following account on Custom Cookware Products, Personalized Kitchenware – LoTech Sales. To proceed, click here to reset your password.
  • You will be directed to the My Account Password Reset page in another tab.
  • Enter in a new password using the password setting tips below.
  • Re-enter your new password to confirm and click the blue SAVE button.
  • Your new LoTech password is now saved and you may access your account.

Password Setting Tips

When resetting your LoTech password, use these simple password resetting tips to make your password completely hack-proof.

1. Choose a randomized mix of numbers and letters.

Substituting letters or numbers in place of each other makes passwords that much harder to crack. If this confuses you, try easy substitutions like a 0 in place of the letter O, the @ sign in place of the letter a, or the number 3 to replicate a backwards letter E. Capitalizing every other letter or every new word in the password can also help you remember your password later on.

2. Never use information that is easily located online.

Although it’s easier to remember birth dates, addresses, or the year you graduated, it’s easy for hackers to locate this information online. When creating a new password for your LoTech Sales account, try to use random letters that bear no significant meaning to your life. Additionally, check your other online accounts and passwords to ensure that this information can’t be used against you.

3. The longer the better.

Hackers use techniques to guess your password using a combination of words, phrases, and numbers that may mean something to you. If your password is only a handful of digits long, then it will be easier to crack. Create your new LoTech password using 8-10 random numbers and symbols. Avoid using sequential keyboard letters or numbers, however. The more grammatically incorrect your password is, the better.

For even more helpful tips, visit our FAQ page or contact us for customer support.

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