What country invented tongs?


Tongs are probably a kitchen instrument you use but don’t think about too much. Tongs are useful for many cooking tasks, like tossing pasta and serving salad. But you might not know their fascinating history–until now.

Sit back and enjoy this brief history of the underdog kitchen hero: tongs! And if you are looking for customized products like custom tongs, let the experts at Lo-Tech Sales create just the product you’re looking for.

Tongs: An Overview

Tongs are a tool that let you grip, lift, and reposition objects without touching them with your hands. This essential kitchen tool is used for all types of tasks: tossing salads, mixing dishes, turning hot items on the stove or grill, and serving individual portions.

People can also use tongs to rearrange logs on a fire, assist builders and crafters as they work, and do a variety of other tasks where people need a strong, focused grip without using their hands.

When and Where Were Tongs Invented?

Tongs have a simple design with nearly endless functionality and ease of use. So, where did this kitchen marvel have its origin?

Tongs were likely invented in Egypt and were made of wood. An Egyptian painting from 1450 BC seems to depict someone using tongs to suspend an object over open flames. This depiction is believed to be the first of its kind to show tongs being used by a person to perform a task. But tongs were likely invented long before then–as early as 3000 BC, according to some researchers.

Over time, people have used more sophisticated versions of tongs in many countries around the world. In 18th Century England, asparagus tongs were popular for serving. Later, people developed smaller versions that allowed people to eat asparagus daintily. Upper-crust Brits also used small, rounded tongs to add lumps of sugar to their tea.

Today, tongs are standard in kitchens throughout the world. People use tongs to help them mix, serve, and transport food daily.

Custom Tongs: A Winning Strategy

Tongs are present in nearly every kitchen in the United States and around the world. People use tongs throughout the day without giving it too much thought. So, why do custom tongs make sense?

Customized tongs are an excellent option for organizations that want to get their name onto a product people will actually use every day. Pens, koozies, stress balls, notepads–these items are likely to be thrown away. But people are more likely to keep something they’ll actually use–like kitchen tongs!

So the next time someone reaches for those tongs to flip their steak or serve that salad, they’ll see your organization’s name a logo. It’s a great way to get your business out there and into people’s homes–and minds.

Design Your Custom Tongs Now

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