What are the different types of tongs?

Tongs are used for all sorts of things like flipping burgers, mixing pasta, tossing salads, and even placing flowers on top of fancy dishes. Tongs are an important part of any kitchen and although they seem simple, they are very necessary. Custom Tongs are a wonderful option to add to your kitchen or offer as a gift. First, it is important to know which type of tongs you need.

Custom Tongs

Ice Tongs

Tiny ice tongs are used to move ice from one place to another. Typically it is from a container into a glass for a beverage. These are commonly found in hotels or bars.

Pom Tongs

Known as some of the most versatile tongs, these are typically used for salad serving and produce.

Utility Tongs

Used for a variety of different kitchen tasks, utility tongs are great for everything. They can grab vegetables and stir them up,  but can also be used to plate salad or grab hot items that might burn your hands, like fried food.

Salad Tongs

Although many other types of tongs can be used for salad tossing, there is a specific type of tongs used for salad. These often have one spoon side and one fork side. For years these have been known to efficiently transfer salad from different plates or into containers.

Buffet Tongs

Known for a triangular hand, buffet tongs are used for a variety of items. These are known to be able to be used for pretty much any type of food.

Serving Tongs

Usually used for dinner parties, serving tongs have a pretty appearance. They are used to put food on to the plates of customers in a restaurant setting or during a budget. Usually, they are found in nice colors or designs such as chrome and satin steel.

Bar Tongs

Pretty much known as the same thing as ice tongs, bar tongs easily grab citrus or ice in order to make drinks.

Locking Tongs

Locking Tongs are made to be safe as well as easy to store. They lock and will stay closed until opened. They keep their shape and can allow you to perform different tasks because of it.

Snail Tongs

Originally made to serve mollusks, snail tongs can help to pick them up in order to enjoy escargot. 

Gripper Tongs

Typically used for burgers or other items that are frozen, gripper tongs have square and flattened ends. 

Paddle Tongs

Usually made of bamboo, flat paddle tongs are usually used at parties. They are used to create a rustic look for appetizing servers or salads at a dinner table. 

Scissor Tongs

For corn on the cob or vegetables, scissor tongs are really helpful for big items.

Spaghetti Tongs

If you have ever tried to scoop spaghetti with a fork you may have realized how difficult it can be. Spaghetti tongs are made for slippery items and can be very helpful for any type of pasta.

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