What Are the Different Types of Spatulas?

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We all use spatulas when we cook, but what kinds of spatulas are there? Learn more!

Cooking in the home is always an adventure, but it is almost too easy to get overwhelmed when you realize how large the world of kitchen utensils is. Spatulas, in particular, are one cooking utensil that can serve about a million different purposes—and now, there are different kinds of spatulas to match all of those needs. Let’s take a moment to discuss the more popular spatula types.

Popular Spatula Types

You might think that a spatula is a singular device that never changes, but this isn’t true. There are a lot of different spatulas, with many of them offering a completely unique shape and appearance. Spatulas can differ in design and materials, making it important to know what you need to look for when you shop.

Barbecuing Spatula

A barbecuing spatula is most commonly seen in grill sets, and they are very important if you have a grill at all. These spatulas are generally made of metal and can serve multiple purposes. Sure, they can flip a burger, but they really help when it is time to clean. Some of the more impressive designs allow you to scrape up your grill grates for easy cleaning when you are through.

Icing Spatula

Bakers and anyone else who loves making fancy culinary works of art will love the icing spatula. Its rounded or sometimes pointed design allows you to apply icing or any comparable substance to a meal with ease. You can guide the icing using smooth and steady strokes as you make your next masterpiece.

Slotted Spatula

This classic spatula is known for its “slots” or spaces that the spatula material does not cover. These spatulas are really important when you are preparing anything that might leak. Able to pick up a variety of food items without carrying unnecessary mess with them, they are a must-have in the home.

Flipping Spatula

The most common type of spatula is the flipping spatula, which some people refer to as a turner. This simple device offers a flat tray that can be used to flip any kind of food with ease. From flipping hamburgers to turning over chicken nuggets for the second half of a cook cycle, you can use this to make anything. It is particularly useful for preparing eggs!

The Takeaway

Out of all the spatula types, there is one option that beats them all–personalized spatulas. These devices make it easy to enjoy a custom look and feel during use. Personalized cooking utensils can help you to make every meal even more special and allow you to show off your signature style. To complete your next culinary masterpiece and bring more fun to the kitchen, explore our collection of personalized cookware today!

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