The Server that Started it All

The original patent drawing of the super server, LoTech's first product and still a favorite today!
The original patent drawing of the LoTech’s first product, the super server—still a favorite today!

Today, LoTech offers over 107 products ranging from serving utensils to customized cutting boards made from a variety of high-quality materials, and we are always evolving and growing to meet the needs of our customers. We are proud of how far we have come, but we never forget our humble beginnings 27 years ago.

It all started with an idea from our founder, D.A. Beck. He found a flaw in the plastic three-legged stools used to keep pizza boxes from collapsing onto the pizza during transportation. He thought these little stools lacked utility, so he got to work. In 1989, D.A. patented a serving tool of his own invention called the Super Server, which was a combination food server and container lid support. With his wife Sue, the Beck’s had only a filing cabinet, a few notepads, and a phone to begin their business manufacturing in the tiny town of Elizabeth, CO. As they began selling their innovative server, they also made little toy tops to give to children in local pizza shops. People in the community trusted D.A. and Sue, and they loved their product.

They offered their Super Server in two colors, black and white. But that’s all they needed. With demand growing for their product, D.A. and Sue purchased a single computer to grow their business, and soon thereafter, customers began asking to have their company’s name printed on the handle of their servers, and that’s when LoTech took off! They began designing new products and offering new materials, and the rest is history!

In 2016, the company may look different, but at the core, we are very much the same. We still aim to earn the trust of our customers by leading the industry in great service and high quality products, and we still offer D.A.’s Super Server of course! LoTech began as a tiny family business, and as we grow, we invite anyone to join our family!

Read the Original Patent Document here, and search our products page to see the latest offerings from LoTech.

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