Print vs. Digital: Which One Outperforms the Other

Print Media
In our digital age, consumers are becoming craftier in their efforts to avoid unwanted messages. Whether that be skipping YouTube ads, enabling ad blocking extensions, or paying for apps that are ad-free. While social media has proven itself to be a quick and simple way to disperse a message to broad audiences, it is sometimes difficult to know how many people are actually receiving it. For this reason, many companies are finding success by advertising through physical means as opposed to digital.

Here at LoTech, we understand this. We believe that people are less likely to ignore an advertisement when it is place in their hands. This could be a postcard, a magnet, a coupon, a custom lanyard with your company name/logo or perhaps custom imprinted kitchenware! Nielson conducted a survey, and their findings prove our belief.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 4.53.13 PM

Print media is still a strong choice for marketing. It is easier for people to remember your name and message when you give them something to hold onto and interact with. However, one thing that digital media succeeds in is creativity. Digital marketers have learned how to compete with each other on the various outlets available to them. Marketers using print media may think that it does not allow for much creativity, but that’s not true. We feel that we offer an incredibly creative option for companies who wish to find ways around the challenges of digital media. By custom imprinting your message onto something of use like a spoon, a ladle, a cutting board, or other kitchenware, you are putting your name on something that your customers are going to use over and over again.

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