How to store cooking utensils?


Storing cooking utensils in a busy kitchen is essential for keeping your space organized and clean. Certain cooking utensils, like wooden spatulas or custom tongs, might even need to be stored in a special way. Certain storage solutions offer an easy way to keep these utensils within reach without cluttering up your work area.

Keep these organizational ideas in mind when storing cooking utensils or custom cookware in your kitchen.

Hanging out

There are a few ways to keep cooking utensils off of your counter spaces. One way to do this is by creating hanging storage and organization solutions. This also leaves more room in your cupboards and kitchen drawers for other accouterments.

Resource a pegboard. Pegboards are commonly used in workshops or garages to hang tools off of, but they can be just as useful for cooking utensils. You can even paint them any color to match the color scheme of your kitchen.

Utilize your pot rack. If you have a pot rack in your home, you can easily use it as cooking utensil storage. Simply add hooks to the pot rack and hang your favorite custom utensils for a decorative look.

Use the outside of your cabinets. Don’t have room inside your cabinets to store utensils? Just add hooks or a rack on the outside of the cabinet door to hang utensils off of. This makes it easy to grab-and-go whenever you need them.

Get creative

The best way to store kitchen utensils is by getting creative with your storage solutions. You’ll want to find an organization method that works for you and your space.

Reuse a family heirloom. Display utensils in antique stoneware or crocks. You can store a lot of utensils all at once, all while showcasing a piece of family history.

Design a custom drawer. Custom compartmentalized drawers can help keep utensils organized, especially for large or bulky items. Build or design your own drawer organizer with dimensions specific to custom utensils’ needs.

Display items with magnets. A magnetic strip can hold any stainless steel utensil. Easily display chef knives, whisks, ladles, and spoons with this fun storage solution.

Super storage

Maybe you work in a kitchen professionally – or you consider yourself a home cook – and you need a storage solution that goes above-and-beyond. Take storing cooking utensils to the next level with these ultra-organizational tips.

A better knife block. If you’ve got a set of custom knives that you want stored in a special place, consider a knife block insert for your kitchen drawer. These wooden inserts fit directly inside the drawer, keeping knives tucked away from dust and food particles.

Organize your drawers. Convert your drawers into the ultimate storage space with utensil organizer inserts. These storage solutions can convert to any sized cooking utensil and are a no-nonsense way of storing anything from custom spatulas to measuring spoons.

Utensil storage bins. For those who work with a lot of utensils every day, try an inset storage bin for safe and clean cooking utensil storage. You can even fill these plastic tubs with hot, soapy water to easily clean utensils and pack away for storage afterwards.

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