How many types of kitchen utensils are there?

Whether you are in your home kitchen or in a professional kitchen, you most likely have a lot of different utensils around you. Soup, steak, french fries, and pancakes all require different tools. But how many types of kitchen utensils are there?

Kitchen Spoon

Every home has a kitchen spoon. If a home has anything, they most likely have a kitchen spoon. The oversized spoon can mix liquids in pots, stir, hold, or scoop food. It has long been made from wood or metal, and now it comes in plastic.

Soup Ladle

Another common item in a home, the soup ladle, is a big spoon. It has a spoon basin at the end, and the handles usually have a curve to avoid falling into pots. Most are stainless steel or plastic.

Pasta Ladle

Like a regular ladle, the pasta ladle looks like a large spoon, but there is a hole in the middle of it and teeth. The teeth grab the pasta, and the hole allows water to drain out. This allows you to avoid pouring boiling water, and scooping pasta out of the main container.


Best known for cooking eggs, the spatula is used for various activities. There are two main types of spatulas, slotted and not.

Basic Kitchen Knife

It should be large and sharp, the basic kitchen knife is usually around 6 inches or longer. It can be used to dice, slice, or separate anything from fruit to vegetables or meat.

Paring Knife

This is a small knife with a blade that is as long as an index finger. It is normally used for small pieces of food, cutting fruit, gouging, or cutting small parts off of meat.

Kitchen Scissors

Although not an essential part of a kitchen, they do make things easier. Kitchen scissors can be used to cut through vegetable branches, tendons, and even bones. It makes your food prep faster and more efficient.

Cutting Board

Cutting boards are an integral part of a kitchen. You can cut food or do other kitchen work on them. Then you can wash them off quickly. Wood boards are common, but plastic boards can be found as well. They are both easy to clean and extremely useful.

What Are Personalized Cooking Utensils?

Personalized Cooking Utensils are those which have a logo, monogram, or other personalized information on them. Contact us today to learn more.

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