How Do I Personalize a Kitchen Ladle?

Kitchen Ladle

Branding your business is important. While you may have tackled the customer facing portions of your business, taking care of branded signage, bar ware, napkins, and menus, you may not have considered the need to personalize and customize your kitchen ware with the branding you’ve worked hard to develop over the years. Brand awareness isn’t just about what your customers see and think, it’s also about what your employees come to believe in and feel loyal to.

Company culture is important. Understanding that your work represents something bigger than any individual contribution. As a company you are working towards a larger goal, and for a restaurant or other food hospitality company, that means selling your customers on an experience and making sure they have an unforgettable time. Back in the kitchen, that mentality can get lost in the day-to-day hustle of orders, prep work, and making the machine run. Personalizing your equipment is a way to remind your employees what their work is for. On top of that, you need brand awareness you can share at tradeshows and events. Customized kitchen pieces are a great way to keep your company in the mind of your community, whether you’re a restaurant, a catering business, or otherwise involved in the hospitality industry.

Customizing Your Kitchen Ladles

Our kitchen ladles come in an offering of sizes from 1 to 4 ounces and as well as a unique 7’’ “little dipper” ladle offering. Each of these ladle sizes can be customized in color as well. We offer options like black, brown, burgundy, metallic burgundy, silver chrome, silver matte chopper, dark blue, metallic blue, metallic teal, royal blue, dark green, light green, metallic green, gold, metallic fuchsia, pink, metallic pink, purple, metallic purple, red, and metallic red. You can find an option for virtually every color identity and branding palette out there.

How Imprinting Works at LoTech Sales

If you plan to get a custom personalization on your kitchen utensil of a company logo or name, we’ve got a great system in place to make it easy for you and to minimize potential for error. For personalization, we require a minimum purchase of 100 ladles. For printing purposes, the default minimum font is10 and you can go up from there. Remember that the less information printed often offers the greatest impact, so keep it as simple as possible. We utilize color hot stamping foil as the best and cleanest way to get your personalization on your ladle.

About LoTech Sales

Why come to us for your personalization and kitchen needs? For starters, we’ve been doing this since 1987 when we invented and patented reusable plastic pie, cake, and pizza servers. We realized quickly the importance of recognition in the food industry and set out to help. Not only do you want to bring company unity in your kitchen, but we want to help you spread your brand and vision to your larger community. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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