Five Steps to Improving Your Logo


In life, your first impression is very important. People will make a snap judgment about how confident you are, how successful you are, how funny you are, and whatever else based on a few minutes of interaction. Your customers or clients will treat your business in the same manner. There is only one chance to make your first impression, so it needs to be a good one! And what is your first impression going to be based on? Most likely, it will be your logo. Your business’ logo should say everything there is to know about the brand. It is your first and best opportunity to communicate how professional you are, what the company’s personality is like, and what your values are. Taking the time to develop your image will pay off exponentially.

However, coming up with the perfect logo can be incredibly difficult. Finding the perfect fonts, colors, designs, images, etc. can be a daunting undertaking. Here at LoTech, we spend a lot of time working with our customers who are struggling with perfecting their logos. We know the trends in logo design, techniques for standing out, advice for how to visually translate your values, and what will work well on an imprint. Through all of this, there is some advice we can give for those of you who are trying to find that perfect design to represent your business.

1) Figure Out What is Important

Take some time to make a list of everything that you feel people should know about your company. Are you eco-friendly? Are you quirky? Are you family-oriented? Are you adult-oriented? Knowing these values will create a checklist for you when deciding if a logo is perfect for your company, because it should represent the items on your list.

2) Find Inspiration
Inspiration can come from a variety of places. Look to your business itself and think of the specific aspects of it that people respond to. If you are a catering business, and your customers love that you use organic and locally sourced ingredients, then your logo should tell that story through its colors or imagery. You can look at the logos of companies that are similar to yours and decide what you like and dislike about them.

3) Simplify the Design
It is very easy to try and cram a lot into one little logo. A crowded and overly complicated design is forgettable and unmemorable. Keep it concise and clear; your logo should be a taste of your business, not the full meal.

4) Ensure its Versatility
Your company is going to evolve and change as it grows. Make sure your logo can keep up. If your company moves into new niches, is your logo still applicable to those new products? If you offer a new service, will your logo still make sense? You want to ensure that your logo isn’t so focused on your current products or services that it keeps you in a box.

5) Go with Your Gut
When your customers see your logo, they are going to make a quick judgment about your business. So, you should test that! Look at your logo, and if it just doesn’t feel right, then it won’t feel right to your customers either. If you don’t think it represents the values in your checklist, then work with that feeling and make changes. The perfect logo will make sense and it will just feel right.

These are some basic ideas that have helped our customers in their quest for improving their logos. This process works best as a collaborative effort, so if you need any help or have any questions, please call us at 800-285-0199, or email us at And by all means, if you think your logo looks great, we’d be happy to print it on some custom utensils for you!

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