Essential Equipment for a Restaurant Kitchen

Equipment For Restaurant Kitchen

Restaurants make great food, and they need the right tools to make it happen—find out which items to buy on day one.

For many lucky people, opening a brand-new restaurant is easily the best day of their lives. It is an exciting opportunity to impress local customers and gives you a chance to really show off your stuff. Whether you are a business owner with a great idea or a talented local chef looking to bring your creations to the masses, the way you stock your kitchen supplies can have a significant effect on how your restaurant performs.

In this article, we will cover essential restaurant equipment to add to your kitchen.

Must-Have Equipment for Your Brand-New Restaurant Kitchen

Setting your kitchen up for many happy customers is the goal, and that means making sure your staff has the tools they need to make all of those delicious meals. Choosing the right equipment will make it easy to create perfect creations in the kitchen!

Cutting Boards

Food preparation is a process that combines art, science, and heart too. Depending on what you make, you may find yourself in need of many different supplies. Cutting boards, however, often play a key role in a wide majority of dishes.

A cutting board is not just used for cutting. Many chefs use them to bring new convenience to the kitchen during preparation without dirtying the surface below. A good cutting board is worth its weight in gold in the kitchen!


From meat to veggies, kitchen knives are used time and time again—and many kitchens rely on the use of countless different types of knives. Having knives to suit every need can make it much easier to prepare food that cooks evenly, looks great, and offers a truly incredible texture.

When shopping for knives, it is always best to buy more than what you think you will need. Since knives are used so much throughout the day, having a good number of knives on hand will make it easy for kitchen teams to stay up to speed without having to worry about extra washing.

Common Utensils

The average chef or kitchen crew will use a wide range of items as they prepare each meal. As customers order new items from the menu, more and more utensils will be put to use. Having a good volume of standard utensils on site will equip kitchen staff with what they need to move fluidly and effectively.

Must-Have Utensils Include:

  • Tongs
  • Large spoons (whole and slotted)
  • Spatulas
  • Turners
  • Thermometers

The Takeaway

A kitchen’s cooking utensils can impact the chef experience and customer experience too. To make sure that your restaurant is a great place to work and eat, invest in the best. If you want to really give your kitchen an incredible boost, choose personalized cooking utensils. They look great, whether you are snapping pictures for social media or your staff is using them to make incredible dishes!

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