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Can I Put Carbonated Beverages in a Drink Tumbler?

A drink tumbler keeps drinks fresh and cold, but can it withstand carbonated beverages? Find out!

Few things bring more peace or comfort than a sip of a perfectly warm or cool drink when you want one. Drink tumblers give you complete control over your beverage’s temperature, but are they a good fit for all drinks you know and love? The answer might surprise you.

In this article, we will explore the relationship between standard drink tumblers and carbonated beverages.

Carbonated Beverages and Classic Drink Tumblers: Everything You Need to Know

A drink tumbler gives you a convenient and fashionable way to keep your drinks at the perfect temperature. From lemonade to coffee, these drink containers can really hold it all. Of course, they aren’t designed for everything.

Let’s take a look at what you need to know about carbonation and your favorite drink tumbler.

What Makes Carbonated Beverages Different From Regular Beverages?

If you ask the average person what a carbonated drink is, they will generally come up with one simple word—bubbles!

This is a true assessment. Carbonated drinks are fizzy drinks that have a high volume of bubbles inside. For the average person, these bubbles are part of the charm. There are endless types of carbonated drinks on the market, including sparkling water, soda, and even kombucha.

Although bubbles may be the trademark of carbonated drinks, it is also important to understand what they really are.

What makes a carbonated drink? Is it just air in the drink? No—a carbonated beverage is generally made with carbonated water. This is water that has carbon dioxide actively dissolved into it. A standard drink will lack carbon dioxide and the bubbles that come with it.

Can You Use Drink Tumblers to Hold Carbonated Beverages?

Drink tumblers are the container of choice for anyone who enjoys hot or cold drinks at any hour of the day. These tumblers can hold all kinds of drinks, from green tea to cocktails. Although this is true, some believe that carbonated beverages should not be kept in drink tumblers, and this can be true depending on the materials.

Most drink tumblers are metal on the inside, offering a protective set of layers that keep drinks hot and cold. We often think of metal as very strong, but it is important to remember that although metal may be strong, it isn’t impervious to damage.

The bubbles found in carbonated beverages can be damaging, so it is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using a drink tumbler. Some drink tumblers are safe for use with carbonated beverages, but others may not be.

You can use drink tumblers for carbonated beverages, but should you?

Should You Use Drink Tumblers to Hold Carbonated Beverages?

The most important consideration in this debate is the drink tumbler you are actually using. Take time to research if your tumbler is safe for use with carbonated beverages. In many cases, the manufacturer will place a warning somewhere to let you know when a tumbler isn’t.

If you see this warning for your tumbler, you should not use that tumbler for carbonated beverages. This doesn’t mean you have to throw it out if you forget, but continuously exposing your drink tumbler to carbonation may cause it to break down over time.

Risks and Possible Outcomes When Using Drink Tumblers to Hold Carbonated Beverages

When you’re looking at a stainless steel drink tumbler, it isn’t easy to imagine it being damaged—especially not by fluid. However, the reality is that it absolutely can be. There are quite a few ways for carbonation to harm drink tumblers.

The first risk with carbonated drinks is that they are highly acidic. This is a known fact, and it is also why dentists warn us about sipping on too many fizzy drinks. The acidic nature of these drinks means that they can break down certain materials over time. When this happens, it ruins the finish, which can compromise the integrity of the drink tumbler.

The second major risk with carbonated beverages is the pressure that comes with carbonation. Sealing a carbonated drink means dealing with pressure, which is why so many of us have had drinks explode upon opening, ultimately making a mess everywhere. Pressure is very damaging, especially in high volumes.

There are actually a few ways that pressure from carbonation can impact your drink tumbler.

The first is by actually putting physical strain on the drink tumbler itself or its seals. Over time, this strain can build, negatively impacting the drink tumbler. Placing unnecessary stress on the tumbler may cause it to malfunction or break.

The second way it impacts drink tumblers is by making them fairly challenging to open. Some people learn this lesson the hard way when the pressure builds and makes it nearly impossible for them to access their drink. This can be frustrating for children, adults, and seniors alike.

In general, your biggest risk with carbonated beverages will always be wear and tear. One or two fizzy drinks over a tumbler’s lifespan may not be an issue, but repeated exposure will cause tumblers to break down more quickly in a lot of cases, so keep this in mind.

Find the Perfect Drink Tumbler for You!

A drink tumbler can revolutionize your sipping experience, which is why these containers are so popular. Although we all have preferences when it comes to drinks, it is important to remember that not all drinks are truly the same. Carbonated beverages can and do have implications, from your teeth to your tumbler.

The best way to prevent damage to a drink tumbler is to only use it as described. Some tumblers are not made to work with carbonated beverages, and that is just fine. Enjoy your carbonated drinks in another container, like a nice glass or bottle.

Just remember–when you want a warm or cool drink, custom tumblers are the best way to make it happen!

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