3 Pros and Cons of Custom Kitchenware

Custom Kitchenware

Custom printed kitchenware is an excellent way to raise brand awareness, and many businesses have found ways to put their personalized creations to good use. However, it might not be the right option for every business owner. Is custom kitchenware a worthwhile investment for your brand? Let’s take a balanced look at three cons and three pros of ordering custom kitchenware.


There’s a Set-up Free

In order for us to create custom kitchenware, we require a set-up fee of $45. This fee covers the cost of a copper die we use to create the design. Fortunately, we’re able to keep the copper die on file for future use, so you’ll only need to pay the set-up fee once. If you happen to change your brand information, we’ll require another set-up fee to create a new copper die.

Custom Kitchenware Takes Time to Prepare and Ship

We can generally send you a proof within a business day. After you review it, we’ll create the copper die plate. It may take up to a week for us to ship the product to you. Note that UPS Ground may then take an additional five days to get the package to your doorstep. When you want to reorder an existing custom design, the timeline is a little shorter. We can ship it out in five business days or less. On the other hand, non-imprinted utensils can be shipped in three business days or less.

Custom Kitchenware Requires Care

Because they’re meant to be used as actual serving utensils, custom kitchenware products come with a reliable level of durability. However, they may require some care to keep the foil intact. You’ll need to avoid exposing custom products to temperatures that exceed 325 degrees, and they may not be suitable for high chemical commercial dishwashers.


Custom Kitchenware Increases Brand Visibility and Recognition

Want to turn your brand into a household name? Start by sharing your custom kitchenware with potential customers. It’s hard to forget a brand’s name when you see it over and over again in your own kitchen drawer.

For the biggest impact, take your custom kitchenware to trade shows and hand them out. You can also use them as prizes in social media giveaways.

Custom Kitchenware Is a Great Gift

Custom products aren’t just a great way to advertise your brand. They also make great presents for loyal employees. Send these custom creations to employees during birthdays, work anniversaries, and any special occasion. Think of it as a way to boost work morale and show your appreciation for all their hard work.

Variety of Customizable Products

LoTech Sales prides itself on the wide variety of products we have available for personalization. We make it possible to treat your customers to plastic serving utensils, pizza cutters, and a host of bamboo and acacia products – all featuring your custom design!

Take the time to familiarize yourself with all of our offerings before placing an order. Note that some products will have a different imprint area along with font size restrictions.

Ready to spread the word about your brand? Contact LoTech Sales and sign up for an account today!

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