3 Benefits of using Bamboo Custom Tongs

Organic products are important to many consumers. This industry has been growing for years now with many household goods being classified as “organic”. As the industry is growing rapidly with 81% of households reporting that they purchase some type of organic products, it is important to consider. 

Bamboo Custom Tongs

Organic does not only have to apply to food, but it can also apply to kitchen utensils. Modern plastic cooking utensils and silicone cooking utensils are processed and are made from petroleum. This means that they may contain potentially harmful ingredients. Even popular brands are made from harmful plastics, silicones, adhesives, and other unnatural ingredients.

This is why Custom Tongs should be made from bamboo. Bamboo is a wonderful material in the kitchen. It doesn’t scratch cooking surfaces, it is also heat-resistant and anti-microbial, as well as lightweight, and very durable. 

All About Bamboo

The world’s supply of bamboo is grown in China. This does not mean that it is always done so under favorable conditions. Despite this, bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet. It can grow up to 47.6 inches in a 24 hour period. Bamboo is an essential part of balancing oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. One grove of bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than an equivalent amount of trees. Bamboo has been considered the most primitive grass for years. There are more than 1,400 species placed in 115 genera.

About Bamboo Utensils

Bamboo kitchen utensils are the only cooking utensils that are truly organic. Wild-grown bamboo is actually sustainable because of how fast it grows. This helps to eliminate the potential exposure to harmful chemicals from traditional plastic utensils. Additionally, certified bamboo is safer for farmers to harvest and safer for the land. 

Made without glues or adhesives, bamboo kitchen utensils are made from certified bamboo, not strips of bamboo laminated together with glue. They are cut, sanded, and finished without glue. This is important because adhesives can leach into your foods, especially when cooking at temperatures of high heat.

Why Use Bamboo

  • Durability: Bamboo is known to be even stronger than oak. This makes it a wonderful choice.
  • It also weathers well: This is because bamboo is more resistant to rot and warping due to moisture as compared to most other woods. 
  • Bamboo even makes for luxurious textiles.
  • It produces more oxygen for the planet which means it is sustainable.
  • No chemicals are needed to grow bamboo, it literally grows like a weed.
  • It requires less water than other types of plants or woods.
  • High demand is no problem, it never stops growing.
  • Better for the soil and helps to increase nutrients.

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