Which tumbler is the best?

Which tumbler is the best?

If you lead a busy lifestyle, you probably own at least one tumbler. These durable containers are perfect for an on-the-go morning beverage, whether hot or cold. Finding the right custom tumbler for your everyday needs is an important investment. What better way to avoid unwanted spills, accidental damage, or a ruined drink? Keep reading to discover what makes a great tumbler and how to find the right one for your daily habits.

All about tumblers

A tumbler isn’t your everyday coffee mug. These drink containers are designed with durability and versatility in mind. In fact, most tumblers include a double wall of insulation that keeps drink temperatures at the perfect level. They’re even easier to clean than most other insulated containers because of their wide mouth design. Plus, they can hold a lot more than just your coffee. Tumblers are also great for your morning smoothie, cocktails with friends, and much more.

Which tumbler is the best?

Best of all, you can take your tumbler virtually anywhere! Think of it like an extra-sturdy travel mug. Unlike a travel mug, however, a tumbler’s special insulation keeps your drink in the perfect condition for longer. Whether you keep tea, infused water, juice, cocktails, or coffee in your tumbler, your drink will be at the perfect temperature for hours. Take your tumbler to work, the gym, on a camping trip, or to the park. 

What every good tumbler should have

A tumbler should be durable: When it comes to tumblers, stainless steel is the way to go. This ensures that it won’t break if it does accidentally drop or knock over. Stainless steel designs are a lot heavier, but they keep your beverage and container safe for longer.


A tumbler should be insulated: Tumblers should always have an extra insulated layer on both the lid and body of the container. This insulated material sits inside and outside the stainless steel. An insulated lid also ensures that a vacuum insulation is achieved so that your drink keeps its temperature. 


A tumbler should be no-drip: The last thing you need is your drink spilling in your car, on your clothes, or on your desk. Tumblers feature no-drip lid designs that keep your drink where it should be – inside the cup. Additionally, the lid should be waterproof in order to avoid contamination. 

Best Customizable Tumbler

For a tumbler that includes all of this and more, look no further than a LoTech Sales customizable tumbler. These stainless steel tumblers are durable yet lightweight and feature two different designs. Choose between a 20 or 30 ounce tumbler that can hold your favorite beverages. From wine and cocktails to tea and coffee, your beverage will stay the perfect temperature with a double-wall vacuum insulation. 

Best of all, you can customize your tumbler with a special engraving option. This makes it a great gift for family, friends, or co-workers. Design your custom tumblers your way by contacting LoTech Sales.

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