How Tumblers Are Made

Tumblers are a must-have item for daily use—find out what components come together to make them!

Few beverage accessories have received more love and attention from society than the tumbler. It provides an easy way to transport hot and cold beverages, giving us a chance to keep our drinks at the right temperature for much longer. Given their functional use, it is easy to see why people love them—but what really makes a good tumbler?

What is in a Tumbler?

A tumbler is a type of beverage container, but every tumbler has its own unique features. Tumblers can vary depending on who makes them or what features they want to offer. Let’s explore some of the essentials that a tumbler can be made from.

Double Wall Vacuum Insulation

Insulation is one of the most important features that you will find in a tumbler. Overall, it influences how effective it will be at holding your beverage. Without insulation, a tumbler would really just be a cup with a lid, and it would not be able to keep your beverages at the right temperature. This specific approach to insulation helps to keep hot drinks steamy and cold drinks chilled.

Stainless Steel

Tumblers can be made from different materials, but stainless steel is one of the preferred options. This material is easy to clean, ensuring that you can wash up your tumbler with ease—even if you fill it with a protein shake or smoothie of some kind. Stainless steel gives that polished look and nice, smooth surface so you can always wipe out your tumbler quickly and easily. Many people also appreciate the nice appearance it can give to the rim of the tumbler.

A Waterproof Lid

The lid is one crucial element to consider when making a tumbler. If the lid isn’t waterproof, you run the risk that your beverage will spill everywhere—sometimes even when you drink from it! Having this feature for your tumbler is crucial. Though some accidents do happen, a waterproof lid can stop a surprisingly high number of spills.


With so many tumblers on the market, it can feel a bit underwhelming to choose one of the standard options available. Making a tumbler is much better when you can count on a custom design or put a special message on your tumbler. Whether you’re keeping it for yourself or getting one as a gift, being able to customize your tumbler can make you much happier with the final product.

The Takeaway

The interest in tumblers has evolved since they were first introduced, and now you can find them in homes around the world. Before you head to the store and buy one of the tumblers made in mass at the store, consider giving custom tumblers a try instead. Being able to enjoy a high-quality tumbler that offers a completely original look can really add a positive touch to your day!

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